Load Balancer
The network traffic is evenly distributed to each server to improve the online and expansion capabilities of the website

Distribute network traffic to the most suitable cloud server, guard your website at all times, and achieve the best network performance.

IIDBEST Load Balancer

Cross-regional load balancer to ensure that the application is always running

The load balancer evenly distributes network traffic to cloud servers in different regions of the world to improve network resource efficiency. If the server in a certain area is abnormal, the network traffic will be automatically dispatched to other servers in good working condition, ensuring that your application can always maintain the best state.

Cross-region Load Balancer
Improve Availability and Performance
Optimize network performance
The load balancer distributes network traffic to the servers that are functioning properly, ensuring that your applications are stable and smooth, maintaining optimal performance at all times.
Built-In Health Monitoring
Server built-in monitoring
The load balancer continuously monitors the status of the servers and distributes network traffic to the servers that are in good condition.
Powerful API Support
Powerful API support
The load balancer uses powerful API functions to set and maintain it at any time, and monitor the network shunting status.
Powerful API Support
Easy Deployment
The load balancer can be enabled via IIDBEST or API in tens of seconds, and management is equally easy.

high security

Support TCP and SSL

IIDBEST load balancer supports TCP and custom SSL certificates to fully protect data transfer between load balancer and servers.

Highly Secure

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