Super performance cloud server

Simple deployment, high-speed line and considerate customer service

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infinite network
99.95% ensure
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High Performance Cloud Server

Simple deployment

The installation is simple and fast, and can be enabled in 60 seconds.


Extreme speed operation

Configure the latest AMD epyc Milan processor to complete data operation at an extremely high speed.


Considerate customer service

The cloud technology specialist wholeheartedly provides customers with all-round service support.

Your perfect cloud partner

Iidbest s efficient cloud solution helps you reduce the budget of hardware, software and maintenance.

Unlimited Traffic
Unmeasured network
No Long-Term Contract
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Deployment completed in 1 minute
Predictable Pricing
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99.9% SLA
99.9% ensure
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General purpose cloud server
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4 vCPU
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The speed is impeccable

With the latest version of AMD s third-generation epyc processor and nvme SSD hard disk, the operation speed is further improved. While you enjoy unlimited and smooth traffic, accessing China cn2 GIA BGP Tier-1 also brings you an amazing network speed of up to 2tbps.

"Update the hardware every two months to meet your coding and business needs"
Superior Speed
Supreme Support

Professional and considerate real person support

Comprehensive customer support to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your cloud server. We provide every customer with high-quality customer service and technical support, and abide by the commitment of 99.95% online server. Iidbest s real-life support team provides close assistance 24 hours a day.

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